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Night markets are a tradition in all Chinese cities, from Hong Kong to KL you will find eating and dining in the evening. While the market at Shilin is clearly the most superior Night market in Taipei and Taiwan there are truly some other places in the city which uphold the traditions of Taiwanese night markets and may also be interesting to visit.

Linjiang/Tonghua Night Market is in Daan District to the south east and is very popular with locals. Much of the street is a pedestrian presinct making it perfect for strolls any time of the day, though it is in the evenings that the most interesting foods and stalls are to be seen. Clothes, shoes and accessories are all available here from shops and from stalls. In the daytime fresh food vendors sell fish and fruits and vegetables from carts, while in the evening cooked foods and snacks can be bought.

To the far east of the city Raohe Street Night Market is best reached via Rail using the Songshan train station. One of the oldest night markets in the city it has maintained the traditional style.  Shops line the street and are open in the day also, while at night the road is closed to traffic and the center of the road is filled with stands.  Just outside the night market is the Temple.

Shida Night Market is one of the older night markets but today is quieter due to enforcement of regulations by the city government in response to concerns of residents.  Located in the south of the city on Shida Road near the Taipower building station it can be reached via Metro RED line.

For a modern interpretation of the Taiwanese tradition also visit Ximending, which combines modern young people fashion with both international and traditional snacks in a world class shopping district.


Stinky Beancurd

The food specialty of the market is without doubt the Stinky Beancurd! A type of fermented bean curd it has a strong smell, like a "blue cheese", which tells those who appreciate it that wonderful flavors are coming to the mouth soon.

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