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Shopping at Shilin Night Market

The Night Market at Shilin District Taipei is a combination of Eating and Shopping, and while eating can be done at any time the shopping requires a little more planning.  While most shops are open from late morning through to late at night it is best to do the shopping in the early evening before it is completely dark. Perhaps shop first, then eat afterwards to get your full Shilin Experience!

Shilin Night market is spread over a large area, see the map for details, but there are three main areas and all the interconnections where you can go shopping.

First is the Shilin Night Market building towards the western side of the district on Jīhé Road, just opposite to the imposing
Bailing High School.  The market building itself appears to be a typical open air covered market selling fruits and vegetables, but look closer and find that there is underground food court as well as parking.  While deeper in the ground level market clothes and accessories are sold from small but organized stalls.

Expect to find:

  • Sports shoes like Converse
  • Fashion clothing
  • Fashion jewelry
  • Jackets
  • Boots
  • Bags
  • Shoes
  • Kitchen items
  • Jeans
  • Chinese dried fruits and candies
  • Modern sweets and candies like marshmallows and jelly
  • Kids clothes, shoes and hats.
  • Makeup and skin care


And don't miss the fairground rides and game machines!

Stinky Beancurd

The food specialty of the market is without doubt the Stinky Beancurd! A type of fermented bean curd it has a strong smell, like a "blue cheese", which tells those who appreciate it that wonderful flavors are coming to the mouth soon.

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