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Hotels near Shilin Night Market

Not being in a tourist area the Shilin Night Market does not have much accommodation. However there are a few choices very close by.

Les Suites Grandee Hotel - the only hotel directly next to the market.  Located on Wenlin Rd which forms the eastern border of the market. A modern but small custom built hotel it offers spacious rooms at reasonable rates, but limited facilities. Still a great place to stay if you are most interested in visiting the Shilin Night market.

Beauty Hotels - At No.38-1 Chien Kong Street, this small boutique hotel located in Tianmu District just south of the market, but only 10 minutes walk from Shilin.

Try staying in another area of the city as the public transport in Taipei is excellent and it is easy to go from anywhere in the city to Shilin.  Therefore consider staying in one of the many great hotels in Taipei including the very new Marriot Taipei which is only 10 minutes by taxi from Shilin.



Stinky Beancurd

The food specialty of the market is without doubt the Stinky Beancurd! A type of fermented bean curd it has a strong smell, like a "blue cheese", which tells those who appreciate it that wonderful flavors are coming to the mouth soon.

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